February Band Spotlight: Bangarang


Josh “Leslie” Nikolas – Drums
Anthony “Hobo” Ulrich – Bass
Seth Young – Guitar
Jeremy Burckhard- Guitar

The following interview took place on December 16th 2012.  All members of the band were severely inebriated at the time. Thus 90% of the information is not factual and should not be taken seriously.

To download and listen to the full unedited/uncensored and certainly unclean audio interview, click here.

The members of Bangarang right after their interview.

The members of Bangarang right after their interview.

How long have you been Nate Poeppel and the Living Tree?

Jeremy: I’ve been Nate Poeppel since…well the last role I was in was..I was a cop, you idiot. I worked in a kindergarten cause I was a teacher but I was looking for a bad guy because I was a cop, you idiot. Who’s your daddy and what does he do?

Jeremy: That’s how long we’ve been Nate Poeppel and the Living Tree.

 The name of the band is….?

Jeremy: Ok. I’ll say the first part. (looks to Leslie) You’ll say the next part. (looks to Seth) and you say the next. (looks to Hobo) and you’ll say the next. (looks to me) and you’ll finish it with a period.

Jeremy: Bang

Leslie:  a

Seth:  rrr

Hobo: ang


Hobo: Periods! Our name is periods!

Leslie: That’s the topic. This is going to be the issue where Bangarang talks to all the ladies about that time of the month.  That special time of month.

Jeremy: That special time of year. 12 times.

Leslie: and you’re going to put all the issues into the schools so they can learn.

Bangarang during a performance at Slackers Bar.

Bangarang during a performance at Slackers Bar.

What kind of music do you play?

Jeremy: Uh?

Hobo: Um…

Seth: What do you call it?

Leslie: Would you call it Romanian Rooftop Music? We can start our own genre.

Hobo: Romaine Rooftop, is it?

Leslie: Romaine Roofers Association.  We are the choice band of Romaine Roofers. I would just call it music and whoever comes to hear us play will have to figure it out.

Hobo: Jeremy, music we play?

Jeremy:  It’s got some notes? What kind of music do we play?

Leslie: I just said Music.

Jeremy: Kind of a Jam Band? We’re the Bang and the crowd is the arang.

Hobo: The dead cheese incident.

How often do you have rehearsal?

Jeremy: Right now. Well it would be right now, but we are doing the interview.


So this would be your first rehearsal?

Jeremy: No.

So you’ve had other rehearsals?

Jeremy: Yeah.

Leslie: It’s kinda like 1.3222 and a half.

Hobo: As a full band or just parts of us?

Seth: It’s a full band like once a month.

Jeremy:  Leslie and I practice every time we practice…and Seth practices every time he practices and so does Hobo.

Hobo: But never together.

Leslie: We all practice by ourselves.

Jeremy: Leslie and I always practice with either Seth or Hobo because our work schedules are all messed up. Weekly or two times a week.  We try to practice all together but we usually don’t.

Leslie: I’d say the frequency is 88.2 hertz

So what are you guys working on?

Leslie: Well, I’m trying to finish my beer but I keep having to talk.

Jeremy: Seth wrote a song the other day.

Is Seth the writer of songs in the band?

Leslie: I’d say we all throw in a little bit.

Do you guys have a Facebook page?

Seth: We’ve switched over to the new Myspace at this point.

Hobo: We’re bringing Friendster back.

Leslie: We’re going to be on the new Now Record.

Jeremy: Our album is going to called be Now 69. Hopefully there is no copyright infringement.

Leslie: They haven’t gotten to it yet. What was the question?  Who writes the songs?

Yeah. Who writes the songs?

Leslie: We do. We all do.


What are you songs about?

Leslie:  Well if you notice, we steal all our material from other bands and put it all together into one.

Jeremy: We play a lot of electric Wallenburger but we rework it.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band?

Leslie: Probably this interview.

Jeremy: The smell on my hand is kinda challenging.

What are your hopes for the band’s direction?

Jeremy: Forward sounds good.

Leslie: (In William Shatner Voice) We want to grow musically together in a roundabout sort of way. We want to keep writing music together. I want to keep writing music with these fellows and just keep going forward.

Any other thoughts?

Jeremy: Yeah, I have a lot of thoughts. I had this dream the other day where I was kidnapped. I was thinking about that the other day.

Hobo: Hail Slar.

4 thoughts on “February Band Spotlight: Bangarang

  1. Marcus

    One time, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream…look where it got him.

  2. Lauren

    I believe Joshua was impersonating Sean Connery there, not William Shatner.

  3. Lauren

    ohh never mind! I listened to the interview, and it was William Shatner!

  4. Nate

    No one can pronounce my name haha (Peppull)

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