Why Should I Advertise in A-Town Magazine?

The way young adults consume media has changed in the last few years.  They don’t read newspapers, they listen to music on their iPods, not the radio, and they watch TV on Hulu and Netflix, not cable.  This makes 18 to 35 year old consumers one of the hardest to reach and the traditional methods of advertising have become as ineffective as they are expensive.

This is where A-Town Magazine comes in.  We are giving young adults the information and entertainment they are looking for and can’t get anywhere else.  More importantly, we remove all the barriers to prevent your message from getting to the readers.  We are completely free for readers and we can be found in all the locations that young adults would likely be, from Laundromats to coffee shops,  restaurants to bars, local businesses, and art galleries.  Anywhere you see 18 to 35 year old’s, you should see a copy of A-Town Magazine.

As well as allowing you to reach the young adult market, one that no other publication or media in Aberdeen is making an attempt to reach, we will help specialize your ad to your niche of that market.  A-Town Magazine will cover a wide range of topics including music, books, video games, technology, food, fitness, fashion, and more.  So if you run a clothing store and want to reach a college girl looking to spend her paycheck on a new dress, we can put your ad in the fashion section where she is already going to be looking for ideas.  We can even feature an outfit from your store, showing off your products and advertising your business at the same time.

A-Town Magazine is a unique opportunity for the businesses of Aberdeen and the surrounding area.  With our help, reaching the sought after 18 to 35 year old market with be easy and affordable.  It’s an opportunity that’s too good to pass on.

What are Ad Prices?

Please contact us sales@atownmagazine for ad sizes and prices.

I’m interested in advertising in A-Town Magazine.

Please send an email to with all the details about what kind of ad you would like, including the size that you would like it printed and the ad itself if available.  Please ensure all ads are high quality images, we have a priority of making A-Town Magazine look a good as possible so we won’t print pixelated or low quality ads. If you have any unique requests, feel free to mention them and we’ll do our best to find what will fit your needs.  If you’d like to talk to someone in person, let us know in the email and we’ll set up a meeting.

If you have any questions, contact us at

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