Aberdeen Area Humane Society – with Video Interview

The Aberdeen Area Humane Society started around 30 years ago at Animal Health Clinic. After a very rapid growth, it moved to its current location. The shelter has a lot of space for all of the animals, with special rooms for large breed dogs, small dogs, female/neutered male cats, and male cats.  They have several dog run areas where volunteers can take the dogs out to run around and play. On average, the shelter houses 85 animals.


Stacey Franks is the shelter manager of the humane society. Along with Sarah Brietag, the Assistant Manager, she helps take in animals and tries to find new homes for the animals. They are also responsible for all of the general care of the animals including feeding, cleaning, grooming, walking, etc., as well as ensuring all the medical needs are taken care of by the veterinarian.

While the humane society primarily has dogs and cats, they have and will take any kind of animal including guinea pigs, birds, rabbits, etc. They are focused on finding all animals a good home and as one of the only humane societies in the area that has a “no euthanasia” policy unless they are vicious or terminally ill, they will keep an animal no matter how long it takes to find a home.
For a group that does so much for the animal community, the Humane Society receives no government assistance. They manage to survive on only adoptions, memberships, and donations from the community. Fundraisers like Cure for Cloe, that helped an injured dog get the surgery she needed and will continue to go to other animals in need of medical assistance, and Cause for Paws, an upcoming fundraiser March 2nd, go far to help keep the many animals in need in a safe place until they can find a home.

DogandWomanIf you want to help the Aberdeen Area Humane Society, the shelter managers encourage you to come adopt a furry friend or you can help the society out financially through a membership or stopping in to provide a donation.

Make sure to attend Cause for Paws, March 2nd, at the Eagles. It’s a $15 event that will include games, dinner, and silent auctions.

For more information about the Aberdeen Area Humane Society, go to the webpage: http://www.anewleashonlife.net or their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/aahsnewleashonlife.

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